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we are SČ from Montenegro

~ people who walk their talk
~ grateful admirers of nature and arts
~ passionate explorers of the human condition
~ devoted helpers fostering personal & social development
~ decent humans who learned many life lessons the hard way

our approach is simple & effective


SCM New Recovery Approach
based on psychology, latest neurology, different energy healing modalities and Sneza's empathic and intuitive abilities, offers simple and effective solutions to difficult life situations.
We help people who suffer, feel depressed, stuck, lost, confused, lonely.. to face their challenge in a new, empowering way, to find adequate solutions and to start enjoying their life and their relationships.
We make Personal Growth & Recovery fun!

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You've had enough!
Stuck, lost, lonely, depressed, anxious, sad, stressed... you simply want to feel better.
You may not even know what you want, but you know one thing - you want things to change.
You don't want to follow a specific process - you want a process that follows your progress.

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You want more Love & Joy in your life!
You don't need scientific studies to show you how important your relationships are.
You will do anything to make things better.
You've had enough of general information.
You want practical solutions for your particular situation.

Meet your Coach - Sneža

▫️ Trailblazer, truth seeker and truth teller
▫️ Passionate about helping people succeed 
▫️ EU verified Personal Growth & Recovery Coach
▫️ Life Coach (UK certificate)
▫️ Recovery Coach (US certificate)
▫️ Specializing in Trauma Healing (NICABM’s Advanced Master Program on the Treatment of Trauma)
▫️ Author of the Book REBIRTH - or about Post-Traumatic Growth

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our CLIENTS say

“For me, saying that working with Sneza changed my life is an understatement, it actually revealed how my life should be.” (Kala)
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“As I started to see my own
worth, I could appreciate people around me as well.” (Stef)

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“She helped me on my personal path and in that way she helped
my kids as well, my family, my friends, my colleagues.” (Linda)

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"Sneza’s approach attracted me because it’s different than the usual work of a psychologist or a psychotherapist, as it emphasizes importance of managing of your own energy." (D.V.) ...there is more...

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