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What is Real Love?

Conscious exchange of energy between two beings.

You know what you have inside and out and choose to share it with one another.

What is codependency?

Form of addiction to controlling relationships.

Unhealthy attachment to external influences. Life in a reactive or controlling mode.

Is it a healthy relationship?

Do you both feel respected and accepted?

Do you both grow and progress? Do you both feel equally important for your relationship?

What is a real emotion?

Energy in motion that brings insights and vitality. 

To get the best out of it, start by simply feeling it as it travels through your body.

How to be peaceful?

Find out what is blocking your way to peace at that moment.

Can you remove that obstacle? Can you accept it and leave it?
Can you ask for help?

What makes you beautiful?

When you are proud to show what you have inside.

It's a mix of your inner "Light & Dark" that comes out. Show the Real You!

What is sacred to you?

Is it something that you, personally, value the most?

How about your own essence that you brought along when you came to life? 

What is a real respect?

Acceptance without judgement.

You simply observe and acknowledge the existence of someone / something, as it is.

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