We are SCM

~ people who help other people through challenging times ~

We help you ..
from dead ends
black holes
and vicious circles
.. get back to Yourself

If you are having a hard time, you don't know where to go or what to do next, you feel drained, depressed, stuck, lost, confused, lonely.. we will help you face your challenge in a new, empowering way, create an adequate solution and make a change.
Our approach is simple and effective.
You get interesting tasks and develop new practices customized for you personally and for your present life situation.
We are constantly learning, improving our skills and creating new methods.

SCM New Recovery Approach
was born through loving care of two people who wanted to help each other grow and recover.
They continue helping and supporting others.

Love is our guide.
Nature is our essence.
Healthy & Happy world is our mission.

SCM New Recovery Approach is based on psychodynamic approach, latest neurology, different energy healing modalities and Sneza's empathic and intuitive abilities.
Psychodynamic approach is like playing detectives in psychology - figuring out underlying causes and less obvious clues. Bringing that content to the conscious level and changing it according to what the client really wants and needs - that's what the latest neurology helps us do. Different energy healing modalities assist the client to regain and sustain optimal energy levels. Simple practices help them feel relaxed, safe and supported during the process of change.

Meet Sneza SCM - Personal Growth & Recovery Coach in our team

See what our clients say about working with her.
Sneza has both personal and professional experience in Post-Traumatic Growth and Recovery. Some parts of her personal story are in her book "REBIRTH or about Post-Traumatic Growth". To learn more about how Sneza got out of her active addiction for good, check out "My way out"
Her credentials also include:
Life Coaching certificate recognized by the Association for Coaching and CCAR Recovery Coach Training recognized by the NYCB and internationally.
She specializes in Trauma Healing and loves helping people create fulfilling lives and wonderful relationships.
Contact Sneza and ask whatever you'd like to know..