My way out

Addiction was never my problem. 

Addiction was a wrong solution for my real problem.
Once I got to the right solution, I was out of my active addiction for good.

I was in high school when I consciously asked for help for the first time. A brilliant psychologist couldn't even figure out why would an excellent student, active volleyball player and socially fully developed, capable and responsible person claim that she had a problem. What kind of a problem? No one could tell.
What is generally know as "addiction" (excessive use of alcohol, cigarettes, drugs and other stuff) started AFTER I asked for help.
And later, when I managed to help myself and when I started helping others, I clearly saw that the way-in was always BEFORE addiction. And that's also the only real way-out!

I was given a near-death experience as a chance to start everything from scratch. I was directly introduced to my own well developed and less developed strengths and to "how the Force works". I was open enough to explore many existing self-help and personal growth approaches and faithful enough to be guided toward a new approach. What you see in this video was only the beginning.
With a lot of help from my partner, in developing balance, emotional awareness, presence, persistence, compassion and much more.. SCM New Recovery Approach was born.

The most important thing to remember when going through any process of change (recovery included) is this:
You are NOT your brain. YOU ARE YOUR MIND.
Your brain works for you. It is your "faithful librarian" how we like to call it, who takes good care of all the data that you have collected until this point in your life. But some of that data is wrong, outdated and not even yours! And it needs to be changed.
As your brain's main job is to keep you alive and safe, it becomes a "stubborn cop" when faced with the stress of change. Even if that change is good for you! It doesn't care!

How to bridge that gap between what your Mind knows to be true and what your brain is holding on to?
I used my knowledge in psychology, neurology, energy healing and also many direct and intuitive insights to discover what my real problem was, what had to be changed and how.
Writing helped me reveal the content of my brain and my non-judgmental, resilient and curious nature helped me analyze that content in the most objective way possible, from my Mind's perspective. That's how I've identified my way out!
You can try it on your own, or you can let me help you with that.

I got myself out for good and I can help you do the same