You want to live in Love

with your Very Important Person

~ to make it happen - you have to MAKE A CHANGE ~

You have to get from (self) destruction to Love

Self-destruction can become evident through many different symptoms, such as:
- feeling stuck in a specific emotional state (fear, anger, numbness..)
- settling for something that your heart doesn't want
- spinning in negative thinking
- chronic health conditions
- auto-immune disease
- any form of addiction
Simply put:
START making changes today!
~ Because You KNOW that nothing will change unless YOU do something about it. ~

SAVE that Relationship!

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I've been there..

a while back

I didn't know who I was.. or what was wrong with me?!

life was a suffering

full of running around, hiding, trying.. in vain!

now I LIVE and LOVE

Free, Happy & Healthy

So can You!

And I can help you...

This IS for you if ...

✔️ You are willing to do whatever it takes to live Happy in Love with your Very Important Person.

✔️ You believe that there must be a way out of self-destruction and you want to find it!

✔️ You've tried to stop doing/using "your thing" and that didn't help.

✔️ You want only one trusted person to help you make desired change.

This is NOT for you if ...

✖️ You think you are NOT the one who needs to make a change. - "It's not me, it's them!"

✖️ You believe there is NO way out of self-destructive behaviors. - "I've tried everything!"

✖️ You think that the problem is in what you are doing /using. - "I just need to STOP ..."

✖️ You want other people to take care of you. - "I have to go to a treatment center for this!"

"Sneza’s approach attracted me because it’s different than the usual work of a psychologist or a psychotherapist, as it emphasizes importance of managing of your own energy."

- D.V.

"She will speak the truths that will allow you to set yourself on the path of healing and self-discovery deeper than you ever thought possible. For me, saying that working with Sneza changed my life is an understatement, it actually revealed how my life should be."

- Kala

"She is someone who, first
of all, loves people, loves to help and knows how to listen."

- Linda

Who is Sneza - your Personal Growth & Recovery Coach?
- highly empathic human who has grown out of many traumatic experiences
- Free! - meaning out of an active addiction for 10+ years (NOT a recovering ..something, but a Happy and Healthy person) - see more about her Way out
- avid learner of psychology, latest neurology, epigenetics, heart's wisdom, meditation and different energy healing modalities that she likes to combine to create simple and customized practices for her clients
- author of the book "REBIRTH", creator of the course "New approach to Mindfulness"
- Life Coach (UK certificate recognized by the Association for Coaching) with CCAR Recovery Coach training (US certificate recognized by the NYCB and internationally)

Your Way

from (self) destruction to Love...

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It's when the major change happens.
For 9 DAYS we meet on a call EVERY DAY!
We identify the problem and create a practical solution.

21 more days

It's not enough to make a change - we want to make it last!
For 21 days I follow your progress through daily check-ins and 2 weekly calls.

+ 2 months

It's GREAT being YOU!
You see the results of our work.
I support you for 2 more months through unlimited messaging and a weekly call.

our simple policy is:

You don't want your time wasted on listening about how our approach works.
You just want to see if it works FOR YOU!

That's why you pay only AFTER you see results!

DON'T LOSE that Person!

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