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What do YOU want?

.. to be more mindful, more confident, more successful?
.. to get unstuck, to find your passion, to solve a problem?
.. to improve your health, to live in Love, to progress at work? 

"I want to make a CHANGE!"

start feeling better and creating better life

"I want more LOVE in my life!"

start creating wonderful relationships

"I want to help myself!"

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book by Sneza SCM

How to turn a traumatic experience into a treasure hunt 

SCM Walks

audio recording

A totally different Mindful Walking practice

New Approach to Mindfulness

course + coaching

How to be Mindful?
~ fun and simple course

"I don't know what I want!"

Go through the questions below
to find out what you need:


1 x 60 min session

-> Is there one specific problem or an issue that's bothering you?
-> Are you at a crossroads and not sure which way to go?
-> Have you already made up your mind but you're scared to take action?
-> Do you have to make a tough decision and you need a second opinion?
-> Do you need an insight?


4 x 60 min session + unlimited messaging

-> Have you been through some major shift lately?
-> Do you need to face new circumstances?
-> Have you experienced trauma or loss?
-> Have you been through a brake-up or divorce?
-> Are you moving away?
-> Are you changing job or career?
-> Does this new challenge seem too difficult to handle? 


12 x 60 min session +
unlimited messaging

-> Are you repeating some kind of destructive pattern?
-> Do you often find yourself in unwanted scenarios?
-> Do you feel lost in the same circle?
-> Do you live your truth? Do you know what's YOUR truth?
-> Does happiness seem out of reach for you?
-> Are you struggling with your own thoughts?
-> Are you struggling with finding your purpose?
-> Do you have difficulties identifying and expressing your emotions?

1. When you click on the link, it will take you to our calendar.
2. Choose the day and time for your session.
3. Confirm the package you choose.
4. Check your inbox for details.

IMPORTANT - You don't pay anything in advance.
BUY IT WHEN YOU TRY IT! - is how we work

We agree on a payment method after the session ONLY if you like the work and want to continue. 

SCM New Recovery Approach offers more than a therapy:
psychology, latest neurology and energy healing combined.

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