10+ simple ways of connecting to your Mind

New approach to Mindfulness

connect to your Mind in a new way

✔ understand the difference between your Mind and your head-brain
✔ learn more about your other brains
✔ find out what to do when stressed
✔ check out if you have a healthy ego
✔ what's your dominant energy expression
✔ are you ever mindful .. or always? Find out now!
✔ discover some new and simple practices for getting back ~ "in the flow" ~ and much more..

get to know your Brain

and how to improve it

get to know your Heart

and how to trust it

~ fun and fast learning ~
~ simple practices for healing and recovery ~
~ more presence and better performance ~
~ improved relationships ~ 

New approach to Mindfulness

by SCMontenegro


already in our first reply, you get to know SCM Life Coach Sneza and she continues to guide you through the course via e-mail


each video lesson has a message and a practice that Sneza helps you modify according to your specific needs and implement into your daily routine


Sneza has ways to keep you accountable and she helps you stay motivated and committed to achieving and experiencing more mindful joy in your life

Mindful package
course + coaching


per package

  • Pay ONLY if you like it! - decide after 1 week
  • 3 weeks of Mindfulness course + private coaching via e-mail
  • 21 short video lessons
  • individual coaching by Sneza SCM via email - explanations, insights, suggestions..
  • 10+ simple practices customized for you and your present life situation
  • accountability partner

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