SCM walks

Mp3 audio recording-33 min

~ Mindful Walking companion for regular clearing of your
physical-mental-emotional being ~

Walking is one of the best practices for any kind of Recovery, as it can engage physical, emotional and mental aspects of your being at the same time.
SCM Mindful walking practices help you stay present with your steps, feelings and thoughts and consciously engaged with them to get desired results.
Our SCM-walks®, created as a part of Sneza's own healing journey, can serve you as guides and companions during your regular walking practice, or they can become part of your favorite tools for Healing & Recovery.

we all get "out of the flow" all of the time ..

Find new ways for getting back IN!

discover & practice

SCM walks

✔ Self-massage walk - to remove toxins from your body, to get more energy and vitality, to improve your physical well-being

✔ Clearing walk - to start removing energy blocks, to get (back) in the flow, to improve your emotional well-being

✔ Meditative walk - to remove / change thoughts that are not yours, to uncover your wants, to improve your mental well-being

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