9-day VIP Recovery

3-month package starting with
9 VIP days

~ when the major change happens ~

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- Living in Love and Harmony with your Very Important Person
- Getting out of your self-destructive behavior as a Healthy & Happy Person
  ( NOT with a label of “recovering... something…” – because there is no need for that! )
- Having a pragmatic, compassionate, nonjudgmental and experienced professional available to you every day!
- Not having to leave your house or job to get the results that you want
- Not having to share your story with 10 different people to get all the help that you need for your physical-mental-emotional-spiritual being
- Not having to wait for your turn to speak to your professional helper - we create your schedule together and your coach is always available to you through messaging
- Not having to participate in activities that are not adequate for you personally
- Not having to pay 10s or 100s of thousands for a successful treatment
- And to BUY IT WHEN YOU TRY IT! - to pay only AFTER you get results!

Your way from self-destruction to Love...

9 VIP days

2 h call EVERY DAY
unlimited messaging

We get to the core of the problem, identify the right solutions and create an Action plan customized for you!
You get desired results.

21 more days

2 WEEKLY 1 h calls
daily check-ins

It's not enough to make a change - we want to make it last!
I follow your progress on every level until getting desired results becomes your new reality...

+ 2 more months

1 WEEKLY 1 h call
unlimited messaging

Out of the old days and old ways, you feel great being you and enjoying life with those you love the most.
You think back on those intense 9 days with a big smile on your face... it was worth it!

is how we work
You pay only AFTER you see results!
"And what if I don't see results?"
- You just walk away, at any stage of the process.

month 1

"Why is this happening?"


on Day 3

  • You will have a precise and clear answer to that question.
  • * these days are crucial!
    ~ Understanding your problem is half the solution. ~

"What am I going to do?"


on Day 9

  • You will have a detailed Action plan with concrete tasks and customized practices - what to do and when.

"Will this last?"


on Day 30

  • You will have new tools for dealing with setbacks - you will know the real control.

month 2

"What do I do with THIS?"


on Day 45

  • New challenges - new strengths!
    You will fire up your motivation, build your confidence, discover your purpose ... you will get what YOU need.

"What to do with others?"


on Day 60

  • You will set the record straight with other people.
    You will heal, close, release, forgive ... you will know exactly what you need to do and how to do it.

month 3

"What do I really want?"


on Day 75

  • You are free to start creating the life of your dreams.
    I help you with practical tips and useful resources.

"Is this REALLY My Life?!"


on Day 90

  • You learn other things that are important for lasting success: balance, calm, mindfulness, perseverance, grace, gratitude...

4970 in total - that's € 55 / day of a holistic and personalized treatment

you pay on a given day ONLY if you get described results

you will get

- SUPPORT – someone to virtually hold your hand whenever you need it
- DETOX TIPS – very concrete and simple to follow
- FUN NUTRITION – I shop with you and I cook with you
- MOVEMENT – we walk and talk, we exercise, we make simple practices for you
- MEDITATIONS – we choose or create meditations for you, we meditate together
- BRAINSTORMING – we examine all the ideas that come to you
- UNDERSTANDING – you will know how your body and brains work
- CONTROL – you will know exactly what you can change and how to do it
- HEALING – of your past hurts and traumas, healing of relationships
- VITALITY – you will feel alive like never before!
- SOLUTION – for the problem that has pushed you into self-destructive behavior
- FREEDOM – to be who you are, to follow your dreams, to live how you really want
- LOVE – knowing, feeling and living Love with yourself and those you choose
- ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER – I will see you through

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