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Do you feel like going nowhere? Or not going at all?
Do you feel stuck, lost, depressed, anxious, disoriented .. ?
Have you been through a breakup, divorce, loss .. ?
Have you changed your environment or social circles?
Have you moved to another town?
Have you lost or changed job?
Do you feel lonely and confused?
Have you been through some traumatic experience?
Do you find it difficult to pull yourself together?
Are you looking for meaning, motivation, purpose .. ?
Can you feel Love?
Can you feel Joy?
Do you know Happiness?  


You've tried different things.. 
There is so much information on the internet.. 
You listened to so many webinars and podcasts, you read so many books.. 
You even tried to talk to some professionals..
Nothing works! You feel almost the same.. or even worse!

choose your path

this is NOT for you

❌ if you "know it all" (and you just want to show someone that you do)
❌ if you don't want to uncover the truth (that will set you free)
❌ if you only want to talk (and not to do anything about it)

this IS for you

✅ if you are open to learning about yourself and others in a new way 😃
✅ if you want to uncover the truth and face what's on your path 🧐
✅ if you are willing to do what it takes to make a change 🙂

you can start right now!

get guidance

MAKE A CHANGE! - We start working right away! Already in our first session you share your challenge and receive initial tasks. If you don't like the work and you see no results, you get that session FOR FREE - book now!

COMMIT TO YOUR SUCCESS - If you do like the work, we schedule 3 more sessions for you and we agree on the payment method. Monthly package includes 4 weekly 90 min sessions + unlimited support between sessions. 

STAY IN TOUCH - Unlimited messaging is part of the package. We connect via WhatsApp. You share and ask whatever and whenever you need to. You get answers ASAP. Our clients LOVE this possibility! 

create solutions

YOU are the only person who can MAKE A CHANGE in your life!

👉 Sneza will guide you and support you (in a very clear and direct way)
👍 You will know your strengths and how to use them (or how to balance them, if needed)
✋ You will learn new ways of dealing with setbacks (including self-destructive patterns)
👌 You will connect to your motivation and life purpose (you will feel ALIVE!)
✌ You will know what steps to take - and you will be able to take them!

celebrate results

~ Personal growth is a road less travelled. And sometimes it’s not easy to be sure what is correct and the best direction for oneself. Having support in the form of an objective observer and adviser who is also an endless resource of information with a unique, individual approach is a blessing.~ (S.M.)

~ From the first session, she will help you see things in a completely new light and also help you realize that light is coming from within you. She's patient, but to-the-point, gentle but honest, and most importantly, she tailors her approach to coaching and healing to every individual person. There's no "one size fits all" with Sneza. She takes the time to know you and then finds the path to healing that will be beneficial and inspire you to work on yourself not just during your sessions, but for life.~ (A.M.)

~ I was absolutely riddled with anxiety when I started and at a very bad place mentally. She was recommended by a friend, and I knew she could help me, but didn't expect the level of transformation I was able to achieve, especially just over a couple of months. She is absolutely brilliant and is able to truly get to the bottom of any problem.~ (G.P.)

~ This woman is incredible! I cannot recommend her enough. She will help you discover so much about yourself that you've hidden away or ignored for years. You would not believe the change that has come from this session, and not just in my life, but my friends and family around me.~ (T.M.)

Who is Sneza - your Personal Growth & Recovery Coach?
- highly empathic human who has grown out of many traumatic experiences  
- Free! - meaning out of an active addiction for 10+ years now ( NOT a recovering ..something, but a Happy and Healthy person :) 
- avid learner of psychology, neurology, epigenetics, meditation, different energy healing modalities... all of which she likes to combine to create simple and customized practices for her clients
- author of the book "REBIRTH", creator of the course "New approach to Mindfulness"
- Life Coach (UK certificate recognized by the Association for Coaching) with CCAR Recovery Coach training (US certificate recognized by the NYCB and internationally)

here is your first task

~ you can save €100 ~


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Book your first 90 min session with Sneza.
If you don't like the work - it's FREE.
If you want to continue - you get 25% discount.
Monthly package is currently valued at €400.
You get it for €300 - because courage pays off!

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Monthly package is currently valued at €400.
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